My Bubba

Personalised children’s jewellery for your little treasures

Hi! Meet Bubba. Or to give him his full name, Ol’ Stinky Bubba. Bubba has been with us since Lily Pea was born five years ago. For a long time he (and his particular aroma) came everywhere with us; he’s a well travelled and really quite cultured bunny, who has been lost and found so many times I’ve lost count! But the time has come when he really can’t come everywhere with us anymore. He livesat home, tucked up safe and sound in Lilys bed. Bubba is so much more than a bunny. He’s Lily’s friend, her comforter, her everything. She misses him when they’re apart, and one day she told me with tears in her eyes ‘Bubba is part of my heart’. I made the first My Bubba necklace for her so that she could keep him close to her heart always, and he can be with her through every little emotional wobble, and now whenever she asks for Bubba, he is right there.

How It

1. Send me photos

Send me a selection of images of your own Bubba, giving me a few different angles to work from. Snaps from your phone are fine, as long as I can clearly see the outline and the object is in focus.

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2. I'll do a Doodle

I’ll sketch out a few options, trying to capture the character and personality of your Bubba. I’ll email you the finished doodle for your approval before we move onto the next stage…

3. I transfer it to silver

I’ll scale down your chosen sketch and transfer the image onto the product of your choosing. Select from heart, circle, oval or square shaped pendants. Lapel pins coming soon too!

4. I cut it out

Using a teeny tiny wee saw I will cut the transferred silhouette image out of the little piece of shaped silver. I’ll finish with a brushed matt texture and burnish the edges for a little bit of added sparkle.

5. Et Voila!

The finished pendant is mounted on a dainty silver rope chain, just the right length for a little delicate neck. Now your little one can carry their cherished comforter close to their heart wherever they go. Allow up to two weeks from the point of agreeing on an image until delivery, remember that every piece is personal and individual, crafted by hand just for you!