My Bubba

Your little one’s special teddy transformed into a little treasure they can carry with them always

Every parent experiences the challenges to weaning your child off their beloved comforter toy.  Now, My Bubba, a unique jewellery concept offers the perfect solution to the tears with its stunning collection of personalised comforter necklaces and pins for your child.

My Bubba jewellery captures the unique personality and character of your child’s comforter, so it can be carried close at all times and held for reassurance when needed whilst ‘Mr Rabbit’ or ‘Blankie’ are in hiding for urgent repairs or a wash!  Each comforter pendant and pin depict a bespoke design of your child’s very own comforter, hand drawn and then expertly hand cut and polished to a matt finish in sterling silver.

With My Bubba, not only does the child get to hold their keepsake comforter close to their chest continuing life’s adventures and marking milestones such as heading to nursery and school together; parents are safe in the knowledge they’re investing in a unique, handmade piece of silver jewellery with a special story to tell.

How It

1. Send me photos

Send me a selection of images of your own Bubba, giving me a few different angles to work from. Snaps from your phone are fine, as long as I can clearly see the outline and the object is in focus.

2. I'll do a Doodle

I’ll sketch out a few options, trying to capture the character and personality of your Bubba. I’ll email you the finished doodle for your approval before we move onto the next stage…

3. I cut it by hand in silver

I’ll scale down your chosen sketch and transfer the image onto the product of your choosing, and lovingly cut it out by hand using a teeny tiny saw!

4. Et voila!

Choose from a pendant on a delicate rope chain, or a lapel pin, in heart, circle, oval or square shapes.

5. Choose your presentation

All pieces come in a small presentation jewellery box, or you can choose to add in a little box frame. These are great to keep your Bubba on display when he’s not being worn, or for gifts for smaller bubs who are not old enough for jewellery, so they can be popped on a shelf or hung on the wall until the time is right.