Hi! Meet Bubba. Or to give him his full name, Ol’ Stinky Bubba. Bubba has been part of our lives for as long as Lily Pea has, rapidly approaching six years now! Bubba is Lily’s bedtime buddy, her best friend, her everything! He is a well travelled, well chewed, and really quite cultured bunny (in every sense of the word, as you can tell by his particular aroma). But he has been lost and found more times that I care to recall! He survived a rainy overnight sheltering in the slide at our local park, spent a whole day in a French ditch, and was nearly absorbed into the museum’s taxidermy collection after spending an entire day abandoned there. But somehow, even when we have lost hope, he has always come back! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to break the news to a tearful Lily, with a lump in my throat, that he really is gone this time. But after a whole day of retracing our steps in the blazing French heat, there he is in a ditch 100 yards from home, or the phone rings and it’s the lovely lady from the museum information desk saying that he has turned up, he was just playing hide and seek with the lions.

Thankfully, as Lily Pea gets older, and her adventures get bigger and more grown up (starting school, dancing shows, a week away at granny’s house), Bubba spends most of his time tucked up safely at home. But that isn’t to say that he’s no longer needed. He has been a coping mechanism and emotional support for Lily her entire life, and that hasn’t changed. She misses him when they’re apart, and they have a fond reunion every day when she comes home from the days adventure. She still asks for him in times of emotional turmoil (most recently when Daddy Pea shrunk her favourite jacket in the wash). She loves him like a brother (perhaps even more than she loves her actual sister!), and one day she told me with tears in her eyes, ‘Bubba is part of my heart’. I made the first My Bubba necklace for her so that she could keep him close to her heart always, and he can be with her through every little wobble, and now whenever she needs a bit of reassurance from her special friend, he is right there.