How It

1. Send me photos


Send me a selection of images of your own Bubba, giving me a few different angles to work from. Snaps from your phone are fine, as long as I can clearly see the outline and the object is in focus.


2. I'll do a Doodle


I’ll sketch out a few options, trying to capture the character and personality of your Bubba. I’ll email you the finished doodle for your approval before we move onto the next stage…

3. I cut it by hand in silver

I’ll scale down your chosen sketch and transfer the image onto the product of your choosing, and lovingly cut it out by hand using a teeny tiny saw!

4. Et voila!

Choose from a pendant on a delicate rope chain, or a lapel pin, in heart, circle, oval or square shapes.

5. Choose your presentation

All pieces come in a small presentation jewellery box, or you can choose to add in a little box frame. These are great to keep your Bubba on display when he’s not being worn, or for gifts for smaller bubs who are not old enough for jewellery, so they can be popped on a shelf or hung on the wall until the time is right.

Photo Guidelines

Here are a few top tips to help me create the best likeness of your comforter from the photos you send me:

  • Bear in mind that I am reproducing it as a silhouette and think about the outline around the shape. Try to space out limbs and ears so that I can see their full shape as in the first three images.
  • Send a few different pictures so that I can pick out all of the most distinguishable features such as face shape, ears, limbs… I will combine elements from all the pictures you send me to capture the little creature’s full character.
  • The images don’t have to be exceptional quality, but try to take them in good bright light, natural daylight is best, and make sure it is in focus. A camera-phone snap is good enough, you don’t have to crack out the digital SLR!
  • You could also send images of the original teddy in it’s pre-loved state if you can find them online.






How Does It Work?

Once you have chosen your product and placed your order you should email a selection of photographs of your chosen object to See image guidelines above. I will then work up a sketch from the photo’s in order to capture the comforters likeness and character, and send it to you for approval. On approval I will begin manufacture by tracing the image onto your chosen product, and cut it out by hand. Every piece is lovingly crafted by me.

How long will it take?

Every piece is made by hand to order, and production can only start once you have supplied suitable photographs to work from. On approval of your photographs it will take up to five working days to ship your order, so please allow plenty of time if your order is for a special occasion.

Who Are These Suitable For?

Because of the size of these pieces we don’t recommend them for children under the age of four. However children are all different so parental discretion is advised. As a gift for a smaller child we offer the option of a presentation frame that can be hung on the wall or popped on a shelf until the child is old enough to wear their jewellery.

Necklace’s are 40cm long, sized for young children, but of you would like a longer chain for an older child or an adult just drop us an email and we’re happy to oblige.

Can I Get a Refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns. Every piece is bespoke, and created to the customers own design and therefore are not suitable for re-sale.

If however in the unlikely event that an item is faulty please contact us to arrange a return and full refund.

Can I Customise My Order?

Yes! We will do our very best to accomodate any further customisations. Every piece is made by hand to order so we can change the size, produce a different shape, add extra charm or pentants… Just drop us an email to discuss pricing for extra’s,

How Much is Shipping?

Delivery in the UK is included in the price, and elsewhere is a flat rate of £5.