Bespoke Silver Charm Necklace


A personalised silver pendant necklace with the image of your little one’s special comforter, with added bespoke mini charms so you can include all his friends too!



A personalised silver charm necklace that will let your little one carry their comforters and their own special story close to their hearts wherever they go.

A piece of personalised Bubba jewellery makes the perfect gift for a little one transitioning from to school, an offering from a new baby to an older sibling to say ‘thanks for being my big sister’, or a reward for one of the many mini milestones in life – potty training, moving to a big girl bed, sleeping through the night (especially that one!).

Sometimes one Bubba is just not enough, or maybe there are more characters in your story? Add up to three mini charms to your main pendant to tell your own special story, or represent the whole gang of special teddies. This example shows Trafalgar, Rosa’s treasured croc, and his friend the Quonka Bird who visits her on every birthday leaving ‘gifts of amazing colour and magical powers to help her on her adventures’. These characters were illustrated by Rosa’s grandfather in a series of books based on her special comforter, so now she can carry not just her little buddies, but also thoughts of her loving grandad with her everywhere.

Send me a few photos of your bubba, lambie or any special teddy or character, and I’ll work up a silhouette drawing to be scaled down and hand-pierced from your choice of silver pendant; choose from a heart, circle, oval or square, and add in as many extra charms as you would like. See the image guidelines for more details.

Pendants are approximately 18mm in diameter presented on a 40cm long fine silver chain, just the right length and delicate enough to hang comfortably and securely round a little neck.

Free delivery within the UK. Every piece is hand made to your specification so please allow up to two weeks for delivery.