Personalised Silver Pendant Necklace – Oval


A little pendant necklace with bespoke design featuring your child’s comfort teddy, so that they carry their cherished friend close to their hearts wherever they go.


A personalised oval shaped pendant necklace in sterling silver that will let your little one carry their comforter close to their hearts wherever they go.

A piece of bespoke childrens jewellery from My Bubba makes a special and meaningful gift to give a sense of comfort and security to your little one as they navigate life’s bug hurdles. Help them to feel reassured by the presence of their favourite teddy as they conquer new challenges like starting school or nursery, welcoming a new sibling, or moving house.

Send me a few photos of your bubba, lambie or special friend, whatever his or her name is, and I’ll work up a silhouette drawing to be scaled down and hand-pierced from an oval shaped silver pendant.┬áSee the image guidelines for more details.

Pendants are approximately 18mm in diameter presented on a 40cm long fine silver chain, just the right length and delicate enough to hang comfortably and securely round a little neck.

Free delivery within the UK. Every piece is hand made to your specification so please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


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