Personalised Silver Lapel Pin – Oval


A dainty silver lapel pin that will let your little one carry their cherished comforter close to their hearts wherever they go.


A personalised oval shaped pin badge that will let your children carry their comforters close to their hearts wherever they go. These heirloom pieces are ideal gifts to mark major milestones in a childs life – starting school, a special birthday, christening or baptism… It could be meaningful gift from a new baby to help a big brother or sister bond with their new arrival, or a bespoke lapel pin makes the perfect thankyou present for the page boys or flower girls at your wedding.

Send me a few photos of your bubba, lambie or special friend, whatever his or her name is, and I’ll work up a silhouette drawing to be scaled down and hand-pierced from an oval shaped silver pin.┬áSee the image guidelines for more details.

Pins are approximately 25mm in diameter with a butterfly clip backing to keep it safely and securely attached to a lapel or jumper.

Due to the sharp point and small size we don’t recommend this product is given to children under the age of four. Why not add a presentation picture frame to your order to keep it safe and sound, and display it proudly until your little one is old enough? Select ‘Add Frame’ in the shopping cart do add this optional extra.


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